Willard's pet badger, painted up so much by the circus he glows in the dark


(as stated by Yoshirou)

Strength: Don’t get me started – the guy’s a homewrecker. (16)
Dexterity: Surprisingly nimble at that size. (17)
Constitution: With what he eats, I would hope he has some. (18)
Intelligence: Unbelievably, Willard is smarter. (2)
Wisdom: His nose is nearly as good as mine. (12)
Charisma: Oh, he has a personality – not sure you want to experience it. (10)


(still stated by Yoshirou)

….oh dear, Willard’s fuming at what the circus people did to poor Tasso. Painted him up so much he glows in the dark, and the ridiculous outfit (which Willard made a point of destroying).

This one’s my responsibility – I was hoping he could make us some money… but no luck. Tasso seems much happier outside any sort of pen… even if he can conceivably gnaw on my head with little effort.


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