Oswaldo Lazarou

Celebrity chef of the stars.


Greetings and salutations! I am Oswaldo Lazarou, chef of the stars and heavens. If you have the cash, I’ve got the grub. Although I must warn you, if you call my creations “grub”, I cannot guarantee your bodily safety. [exaggerated wink]

What would you like to have tonight? I can make your tried-and-true standards, a wine and cheese soufflĂ©, lobster thermidor, seared duck with boysenberry glaze, or a delectable châteaubriand. Or perhaps you’d like something more exotic: Bird’s nest soup? Durian mooncake? Fried tarantula, perhaps? You name it, I’ll make it!

For the right price, of course.


Oswaldo Lazarou

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