A Samsaran private investigator working in the 7th ward.


You didn’t see me.

Seriously, get lost. What are you doing? Stop—you’re getting in my way! Scram! [frantic shoving]

Great. Are you happy? Your nosy ass just set me back by three hours. Read my lips, I don’t have time for tea and a chat, I’ve got work to do.

Huh? What’s this?

How did you get this? I’ve been digging around for a week for this info, and you just hand it over on a slip of paper? Well… thanks, I guess. S’pose my guy won’t be as hard for me to find now that I have the address for his hideout. You want any compensation? This can’t have been easy to come by.

Man, you are persistent. Alright, I’ll give you respect where respect is due, you sure know how to get what you want. What do you wanna know? Bear in mind, I can’t share too much. I’m not much good as an investigator if everyone knows my dirt, right? You get what I’m saying.

Where to start… I’ve got a past with the force here in Balderdash, but let’s not get too far into that. All anyone needs to know is that I’m good at my job and that I’ve got the experience to show for it. I find people, I dig up dirt, and you know just as well as me how much there is in this city. Let’s just say I don’t see my income drying up any time soon. It’s good news for me, maybe not such good news for my future clients. But hey, there’s messed up people in the world and an endless well of drama to siphon from.



Trials of Two Cities Zyrada