Altus Justitia Inmil Corundar/Kahl Erythrine

The Honorable Altus Justitia of the Court of Balderdash... and Director of the Streetwalk Museum


Good day, you may all be seated. I, Inmil Corundar, preside over this court. I have been entrusted by the powers of this great and wonderful city, the original founders and the council, to adjudicate upon matters of the utmost importance in the society of Balderdash. I am honored by the trust given to me, and I do my absolute best to respect my position and serve the city to the best of my ability.

[in hushed tones] If I could also have a moment of your time, please, accept these vouchers for a visit to our very own Balderdash Streetwalk Museum. The history of our city is a rich and colored one full of suspense and intrigue, and… apparently sponsored by our very own Grand Vizier Garmatro.

Not the museum, the history of Balderdash itself.

No, I don’t understand how that works either.


Altus Justitia Inmil Corundar/Kahl Erythrine

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