Dinstea Aldia

Ex-Sole member of the Translator's Guild, Academy Provost Aldia's daughter.


Let me tell you, there is nothing more exciting to me than poring over the catalogs of writing from peoples around the world. Some wizards might think what I do is a waste of time and that I should just be casting spells to understand people. I can tell you from personal experience that magic can be a crutch that allows overconfident mages to skate by without attempting to understand the nuances of different cultures. An incantation may tell you literal words in a translation, but nothing can give you context where it is so sorely needed.

So what can I do for you?

… no, that’s my sister Tehlrie. She’s in the other ward. She’s amazing and perfect and a genius and everyone loves her. Please, go talk to her, I won’t keep you. Really. I don’t mind.


Dinstea Aldia

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