Championer of the Way of Coral


Greetings young coral. What is it that brings you to my abode? I can assure you there is nothing for you here but the brine and the howl of the easterly winds.

How long have I been here?

There are some days where I feel older than the rocks themselves. Other days, I am more youthful than the plankton in the sea. Time is a strange concept, is it not?

But alas, those things matter not to a being such as myself. Coral is the way and bringer of life. Coral sustains all. Many secrets there are to be gleaned from the minerals within. One can ascertain how the coral came to be and what it was in its own youth. Coral is the imprint of many generations, and in such a way, it is the stable accumulation of time. Time amassed into a fixed point. Beyond the fabric of spacetime, I imagine there is a bed of coral—-a calcified network of cosmic stragglers.

Oh, but I apologize. There are secrets a young coral such as yourself cannot fathom.



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