Wulfric Orfeo Braeden

The diminuative Dhampir, out for a quick bite


Alignment: I’m typically kind, love to meet people, and I’ll follow you if I can have a free sample… Just kidding! [sort of] (True Neutral)
Race: I’m a Dhampir. Though half human, my blood runs thick with that of the Ajibachana. Though I could always borrow some of yours…
Class: You don’t want to share a single drop? You’d rather hurt me? Aww… That makes me want to RAGE. (Blood Rager)
Height: H-Hey… I’m older than I look! Stop looking down at me! STOP IT! (4’10)
Weight: I’m pretty light but I’ll still take anyone down! (127lbs)
Languages: Common and Infernal. Simple stuff!

Special Traits: Well… When under stress I lose my temper, and things get pretty bad. I try to stay happy but when the cravings set in… My enemies just look so tasty… [Ahem] Anyway, unlike most of my kind, I’m perfectly fine in sunlight, Just… Keep the Holy stuff far away from me. Ick! Lastly, don’t misunderstand my cravings. Drinking blood is no longer a necessity for me… Though it does make me stronger! Relax, I barely ever take without asking. I’m quite partial to that of Humans~

Strength: I’m strong enough to climb, cling, and claw down most obstacles! Be careful, I love to give hugs… What? You don’t want to hug? Grr… (16)
Dexterity: My kind have always been pretty agile. Though I admit, I’m not the best at it, I can still manage myself well while armored up! (14)
Constitution: I keep on fighting and keep on biting! When I’m angered, nothing can stop me… Go on, attack me! I’ll feel that much happier when your blood is DRAINED! (18)
Intelligence: I’m not a dumb kid, I’ve been around for hundreds of years. I may be flighty and fun loving, but I’m quite inquisitive! (15)
Wisdom: Right uhm…I was supposed to remember to say something wise here… Uh… Hm. Oh! Check that thing out! [wanders off] (9)
Charisma: I won’t lie, I do tend to use my size and looks to my advantage… People tend to drop their guard when they think you’re young. Though the fangs tend to uh… hinder my social skills from time to time! (14)


Oh! MY history? Well, I have lots of things I want to remember… but my mind i like a mug full of holes sometimes…

As far as I can remember, My father Victor Braeden has taken care of… well, watched over me all my life. He’s fairly cold in his demeanor, and has taught me much in the ways of getting along in this life.His methods are a bit rash I feel, but I’m sure he knows best. Even if that means trying to force me to survive in dark woods for days alone… Wolves are pretty welcome company though! They’re friendly if you just offer them something to eat.

He was never a fan of my aloof nature. More importantly, he has taught me how to sustain myself on the blood of the living… and sometimes the recently deceased depending on how long they have been gone for. I don’t like to think about how serious he was about feasting off of Humans, and how he deceives the senses of the weak. I mean, blood tastes good… REALLY good… so delicious… -ahem-but I don’t want to be reliant on it like he is, despite this deep insatiable thirst… I don’t even consider myself a fighter so why does he try to train me? I’m too small anyway, people often treat me as if I’m still a small child!

Strange enough, my father has told me not to think much about my mother… It’s odd that I can remember her face, her voice, and her songs. However I also start to remember flashes of unpleasant scenery… Angry people surrounding us… Chains and ropes binding me…Unable to move despite my struggling…Then nothing. I wake up from my thoughts.

Hm. It’s when I get thoughts like these that I lose myself. My mind fades and I get strong feelings of remorse, and hatred. I can physically feel my blood boiling. When I wake, I’ve usually got a lot of blood on my clothing! Perhaps I’m just sleep feeding. Father won’t tell me what this means either, just that "She is not among us and has served her purpose. " Agh… I don’t understand it, but this is one of the reasons father has sent me away. Apparently I need to learn self control and to open my mind to the world. I suppose this is another form of survival testing? The more I learn and experience the less I’ll be compelled to have such thoughts. There is apparently a War trial that I should be present for… This woman that is in trouble apparently has committed foul crimes and is sentenced to die! Guess I’ll take a front row seat and see how ‘justice’ works?

I wonder if they’ll let me help with the execution? Heh!

Here I am in Balderdash with my things settled within the Inn, though not without some hassle for being a “Vampire” as they call it. Even worse, because of my small stature I can’t get a decent drink around here. I couldn’t even enjoy a nice open wound without getting interrupted! Though I got to meet this pretty nice Lawyer named Nikolin, who’s got his job cut out for him! Eventually we came across a burly Ratfolk Soldier named Yoshirou, his tasty-looking but rather dim cohort Willard, and a strange lost traveler named Corentin, who is in incredible denial that he is lost! Such a strange group of people… Despite this, Nik invited us all to his lovely home the next day and we found a not-familiar kitty named Bling Cat. I’ve never encountered such a snarky animal adorned with jewelry that indulges in smoking! Is this the type of exploration father had in mind?

Eh… I suppose i could be worse off! I’ll stick with these strange people for a time. They seem like tons of fun!

Wulfric Orfeo Braeden

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