Willard Torc

A human castellan noble and Yoshirou's squire-in-training


Alignment: Regardless of the methods, discipline and order is the best path. (Lawful Neutral)
Race: We humans are fascinated by all cultures and strive to learn from them!
Class: I am proud to be a castellan, sir! Not all cavaliers ride out – SOMEone needs to lead the castle defense!
Height: 5’11" – short enough to duck behind fortifications and tall enough for my voice to carry.
Weight: 190lb. – admittedly a bit big, but I can still fit into armor just fine.
Languages: Common tongue and… I’ve been learning a little Dwarven as of late. Hey, I study weapons, not words like other nobles!
Proficiencies: I know about nobles and the area, can fix weapons and armor, and… not much else. Getting better at handling animals an- Tasso, stop biting my face!
Equipment: Hammer and shield, the way of any decent defender… or at least what my knight can afford this time.
Special Traits: Uh, I take to book-reading very well compared to my fellow man? Humans tend to be fast learners and… I’d say that’s it, but I’m a squire to a rather hardcore knight. I’ve pushed myself to limits that worry him at times and would gladly do so again for my people.

Strength: Y’know, you wear armor a lot of the time and one day you don’t even notice it. (14)
Dexterity: Yoshirou tells me I’m a bit of a klutz. I’ll show him that this apprenticeship he has me on has taught me a little about coordination! (9+1)
Constitution: When you’ve got a hardened knight who insists on daily jogging and constant detail work with the armor, you get tough too. It helps that I found another who- Tasso, get back here! (15+1)
Intelligence: Hey, just give me a chance, can’t you? Let me think and read over this carefully – I don’t want to miss any details. (10)
Wisdom: Even nobles have to learn a smidgen of common sense or they don’t get anywhere. (13)
Charisma: Look, some of us are just born natural leaders! I can’t help it if people naturally listen to me rather than you! (15)


(Yoshirou interrupts)

Uh… let’s not make him talk about himself just yet. He’s dealing with Tasso, who’s just been painted up by the local circus… and he’s still kinda mad about the whole ordeal.

Willard Torc

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