Corentin Arkwright

I dwell amidst the abounding light of heaven!


Alignment: I do what’s right, and what’s right I do! (Neutral Good)
Race: One with the great connection to the heavens themselves! (Aasimar)
Class: Some mighy call it profane, but I use the power of the dead. Not in an evil way; I just let them inhabit my body for a while. No one seems to believe me though. (Medium)
Age: Rather young for one such as myself. (77)
Height: The most average thing about me! (5ft 9in)
Weight: Well, this too. At least that makes me lean and athletic! (139lb)
Languages: Common and Celestial. Do I really need anything else?!

Strength: I’m mentally strong and legendary heroes are my real strength! My normal raw power? Um… (9)
Dexterity: I’m here, I’m there, I’m everrrrrrywhere! (16)
Constitution: I can’t punch, but I can be punched. Just don’t do that, please? (16)
Intelligence: Well, I didn’t exactly ace many tests… except when I used my talents. They didn’t count for some reason though. (12 (inc +1 Level))
Wisdom: I’m observant and can be hard to trick. (14 (inc +2 Race))
Charisma: I’m pretty pretty, able to talk your ear off and my regulars (all two of them!) loved me for some reason. (22 (inc +2 Race, +1 Level, +2 Headband))


The seventh son of a seventh son, born in the middle of a dark, stormy night on a notoriously unlucky day of the year, Corentin’s life was all but predetermined to be a bizarre mesh of supernatural and freak occurrences. The exact situations and circumstances of which were something that no one quite expected, however. As the youngest of nine children, with two older sisters in the mix, Corentin was free to focus on whatever he pleased. Naturally, as a child what he wanted the most was attention from anyone and everyone and Fate would make it happen… at the worst of moments. Exploring an abandoned building? It gets struck by lightning and set ablaze. Wandering a nearby forest in search of anything neat? Turns out Inevitables are patrolling the area. Find a nice, shiny trinket? Stolen not too long ago.

During a normal, everyday wander of his home with two of his siblings, his slightly older sister Katarin and the sixth son Gaël, the trio found a small, unmarked grave. Not too unusual for many places, but this one was ancient and its inhabitant spoke to Corentin. Neither Katarin nor Gaël could hear the voice so they believed he was just playing with them, but that grave belonged to Corentin the Hierophant; a legendary cleric from centuries ago who helped create the so-called flying island nation of Pengethmagus, the young Aasimar Corentin lived on. Fate once again driving things in unusual ways, Corentin encountered the very figure he was named after when his parents (Yezekael and Annick) kept their tradition of naming their children after historical figures alive. The most unlikely of discoveries coupled with the strangest of coincidences helped Corentin begin to unlock his potential as a Spirit Medium.

A few years later, while searching for more powerful spirits like Corentin the Hierophant, Corentin found his way to the edge of the island for the first time and was amazed by the sight below him: nothing but sky and clouds as far as the eye could see. Even more surprising was that his eldest sibling, his sister Rozenn, also found the edge at the same moment and without hesitation just jumped right off the island. Unsure why, he jumped off after her and despite seeming so high in the air, found himself colliding with the ground very quickly. Looking back up, confused and unharmed, Corentin did not see his home and realised that Rozenn was also nowhere to be found.

Having no idea where he was, where his sister was or where his home really was, Corentin began his quest to find out the truth behind Pengethmagus, what happened to Rozenn and how to return home when all was said and done. For many years he gained no real results but encountered five more powerful spirits by either circumstance or divine providence:

  • Reynard, a Kitsune Trickster who was just a walking bundle of roguish charisma and pulled of impossible heists without ever truly breaking any laws;
  • Hecate, a fearsome Tiefling Archmage who ruled as the despotic Witch Queen before being ultimately slain valiantly by…
  • Arthur, a heroic Champion of justice who fought for honour, goodness and all that jazz;
  • An almost infuriatingly “enigmatic and mysterious” warrior who insisted she was to be addressed only as The Guardian. She claims to be able to defend against any and all blows though her true skills have proven less than stellar in the past.
  • Bismarck, a decorated war general and field Marshal. She and Corentin do not get along very well despite being close enough for this bond to exist.

During his first meeting with Bismarck he learned that Rozenn had encountered her as well, and she was also a Spirit Medium albeit one that Bismarck considered weaker than Corentin. More driven, however, as Bismarck believed that Rozenn was searching for the spirit of the Legendary Archmage – someone who’s existence is virtually unknown, true identity lost to the sands of time and location thought to be lost forever. Making the obvious leap in logic, Corentin decided to try and search for the Legendary Archmage as well. During his search, he would undoubtedly find his sister and if he found a seventh spirit to truly befriend that’s an added bonus for sure.

…Unfortunately, Corentin’s sense of direction and time still needs a lot of work as before he knew it, he’d been searching for almost 15 years with minimal results and found his way to Balderdash entirely by accident. Upon seeing the magic quarter in section 5-1, however, an idea struck. The Legendary Archmage was a powerful spellcaster in life, surely, so a magic shop that accepts all sorts of unusual and extraordinary requests and clients is bound to lead to results eventually.

As an added bonus, it gives a stable place to live at last and quickly judging two of his newest friends, Blingcat and Wulfrick, as those who could use a place to stay as well decided that despite his ulterior motives such a decision would prove to be beneficial for his living companions too. And while he has no intention of making it a place of permanent residence, but rather inspired opportunism (that may have been really suggested by Hecate but he’ll totally take credit), who knows what the future holds…

Corentin Arkwright

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