Co-leader of an improv group, co-owner of a bar and co-founder of a business


Alignment: Listen. Don’t get in my way, and we won’t have a problem. (Neutral)
Race: Do I LOOK like a human to you? (Noble Cat)
Class: Yeah, I got class. Oh, wait, you mean like… Oh. I’m pretty gifted with the magic, you know? Probably a lot better than you, anyway. (Sorcerer)
Height/Weight: I’m a cat. Why does it matter. (12", 15lb)
Languages: I speak cat and common.

Strength: … What, are you serious? (3)
Dexterity: This is stupid. Why are you asking me these things. You understand what a cat is, right? (21)
Constitution: Okay, bye. I’m leaving. I gotta go smoke. You can figure it out on your own. (13)
Intelligence: … Wait, what was that? Oh, you’re asking how smart I am, finally with the important questions. Listen, buddy, you gotta know how things work to survive as a cat. We can’t get by with strength like these brutish humans. We have to outwit our opponents, and I’ll have you know my wit is at its peak. (13+1)
Wisdom: What’s the difference. (13)
Charisma: How can you resist this face. Look at me. Don’t I just make you want to say “here, take my money and go buy yourself an empire”? (17)


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