Anyu Ferhi

Balderdash's pushiest tour guide.


Welcome to Balderdash, my name is Anyu and I’ll be your host for the day! Where do ya wanna go? I can show you around the eastern port, and I gotta say, the seafood over there is delicious. Just don’t think too much about the Merfolk around there being related to the food on your plate. Their cousins are too tasty for that! The 7th ward gets a bad rap, but there’s a lotta fun to be had if you know how to handle yourself. Or we could go to the Magic Ward if you wanna see something freaky. The Masonry Ward is boring, don’t go there, it’s just a bunch of dwarves picking fistfights with each other and competing to see whose newest tower overcompensates the most.

Alright, that’ll be 10 gold.

What? I’ve got consultation fees.


Anyu Ferhi

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